Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the advantages of using animation media for our campaigns / ads?

Animation may reach your wildest ideas when the shooting process can't reach in any ways to make it happen. Besides, there are so  many kinds of art styles in animation you may pick to please your campaign or product visualization. Even though it is an animation, we build the image to look the same as the shooting output.


2. We know that Anymate Studio focuses on animation services but is it possible for Anymate doing a photo session in order to get the product asset/visualization for supporting the animation services?

It is very possible for us doing the photoshoot or even shooting you asked for to support the animation production. You may send your products to our studio and we'll set the place to process the shooting! Don't worry we can make it possible for you to do the photoshoot or shooting in your place!





1. What is the philosophy / story behind the name of "Anymate"?

Any \ ˈe-nē  \ meaning : one or some indiscriminately of whatever kind and unmeasured or unlimited in amount, number, or extent.

Mate \ ˈmāt  \ meaning : companion, partner, and friend.

There is a quote among the society around us, "Banyak Teman, Banyak Rezeki", which means the bigger circles or numbers of friends we have, the bigger means of living you get. As we look at the contact on our phones, we have so many friends that are ready to reach out for perfect work as a team! No social gaps because we don't see the difference in our lives, instead we embrace the diversity to enjoy every process together within so many ways of thinking in producing animation!


2. What should we prepare first before we use your services?

You can hit us up to work together by bringing your idea, concept, storyboard, script, and voice over or even your own music. What if the only thing we have is an idea? Don’t worry, we have the right services for you to make your idea come true by developing the concept and storyboard! We also would like to help you looking for music or even make music for you! You don’t have any voice over talent? Please leave the worry to us, you can sit still beauty and wait for the result!


3. Is it possible for us to collaborate with Anymate Studio?

We are open to collaborate with anyone for your project and event! So what kind of event do you have? Shall we catch up, grab some coffees, and talk about it?:)


4. If we already have intellectual properties or assets, is it possible for Anymate to handle and animate it?

It is possible for us to work on the assets you have, turn it into the perfect assets you have been craving for, and animate it by putting emotions in every motion as you like!


5. Can we visit Anymate's studio?

Make sure you already make an appointment first with the sake you are seeking for here!


6. I'm a student/journalist, is it possible for me to interview one of Anymate's people for my study/article?

We would love to help you! Please come as long as you make an appointment before you come so there is no unpleasant feeling for us to make you come to nothing.


7. We have a short time project, can we expect Anymate to do a faster project delivery?

Nothing is impossible for delivering your project! But…… There are consequences you may take for the faster delivery since it takes extra time, effort, and coffees for us to do it so there will be an extra charge for you for the quick services.





1. Would Anymate help us to handle the license of music, picture, and video we want to use?

You may leave any kind of worries to us! You can request what kind of music you think fits for your project, picture and video that you think may support the project to deliver your messages. We can help you do the payment if you mean to buy the license or even looking for those things with no copyrights.


2. Are there any additional fees we have to pay to get more revisions?

No! We give you the best chance to make your project the perfect project as soon as possible. We don’t give you the quantity of revisions, we prefer making a deal with you about the time period for working on the revision that we have agreed on. Deal?:)


3. Are we getting charged if we suddenly changed our concept after approving a concept with Anymate?

As long as your concept is still a “brainstorm”, yet no demand from you to make us take it to the production process with an artwork output, you won’t get charged. BUUUUUUT, if you change the concept when we already do the production with so many people involved and the time we have spent to do it, please you may take the check and pay the charge:)





1. Is it possible for interns to be a full-timer in Anymate Studio?

It is very possible, if you are doing it great and you are cool for being the full-timer in our studio, why not?!


2. Are interns getting paid?

We appreciate interns in Anymate Studio for their hard work and yes, of course, interns in Anymate are getting paid as one of the appreciation we express.


3. What interns will learn in Anymate Studio?

Besides the skill which is related to animation, you will learn a lot how to work in a team, how to manage your time in doing the project, and other things you won’t expect because lessons of life for every individual are different and it depends on how you want it to be!


4. Is there a chance for interns to participate in a real project?

You will get that chance! We love to involve you in a real project and let you feel the team-working atmosphere with the “LOL” and the “DANG IT!” together.


5. What kind of interns Anymate is looking for?

There are 3 points that we consider about:

  • Your portfolio is the first thing we would like to open first when we receive your email. Impress us with your projects that will move us to catch up with you and get to know you before we work together.

  • Who doesn’t seek for a person with skills to work together? Skills which are related to 2D visualizer is the one that we are looking for in our studio. If you have the skills to play PUBG too, we would be really glad to know that!

  • Good personality matters! It is as important as your skills when it comes for you to be one of the team in the project.


6. Is it possible for vocational students (SMK) to be Anymate's interns?

There is an open door for vocational students to be interns in our studio. As long as you fulfill the requirements we have been looking for.


7. Are you hiring freelancers? Is it possible for us to be your freelancers?

Yup! There is a big chance for you to be listed in our freelancer list. We are open for any kinds of skills you have which are related to producing the visualization we do. Please send your CV and portfolio to our email so you will be in our list automatically!;) Hope to work with you soon!


8. What vacancies that Anymate have now on?

Lucky you! We are looking for these positions to fulfill the empty desk; 3D Animator, Art Director, and Business Development. All of these positions are full-time & supposed to work from studio.


9. What kind of portfolio that Anymate expect to see in my job/internship applications?

The portfolio that we expect to see is contented with commissioned and or collaboration works but it is not the only one we consider. We are truly amazed with the portfolio that people have sent to us but it is very difficult to find ‘the person’ with the same taste in seeing and making an artwork. It’s not only about the skill, it’s also about the taste.